10-Year-Old Girl Accused of Being ‘Unethical’ in Her Teen Housing Lawsuit

A 10-year-old girl has been accused of violating a law that allows people to keep a house they purchased before moving in.

The case is one of many against landlords in New York, which has been battling with developers over the housing crisis.

The law allows for a lease agreement to include the right to evict people who are living in the property for a year.

The mother of the child has been arrested in the case, but her lawyer says the case is far from over.

The lawyer says a judge has dismissed the charge against the 10-years-old, but the mother remains in jail.

The woman’s mother was arrested for allegedly breaking the law.

Her lawyer says her client did not break the law because she is mentally ill.

The girl was allowed to stay at a boarding school for a short period of time.