Gold Tenement Philippines: Ancient Roman Tenements Will Be Destroyed to Build Modern City

The historic Roman tenements of Manila, Philippines, are under attack by developers, and will soon be demolished to build a new town that is supposed to be the center of the world.

The developer, Lend Lease, has threatened to demolish the historic structures, which are located on a street in the Manila neighborhood of Thelo.

Lend Lelease, a Filipino developer, said it would not hesitate to destroy the historic buildings if Manila City Council voted to make the construction of the town an illegal construction.

The developers are suing the government, the Philippine government, and the Philippine Housing Authority, which is responsible for building and protecting the structures.

They say the city’s decision to demolishing the structures violates international law, and that the project will result in serious damage to the city, including the demolition of the homes, the destruction of the heritage and the loss of jobs.

The Philippines’ top court ruled in May that Lend lease had to make a legal defense, which could include the threat to destroy heritage.

The Manila city council will hold a hearing on the project on Monday, and after a lengthy hearing, the council will vote on whether to approve or reject the project.

It will then be up to the government to decide whether to proceed with the project or not.

If approved, the project would be the second-largest building project in the world in terms of the total cost.

The first is the 1,200-foot-tall tower of Shanghai’s Forbidden City, which was built in 2007.

The Philippine government estimates that it will cost $60 billion to build the new Manila, a city of roughly 10 million people.

The city is expected to open in 2021.