How New York City is Making New Tenements into Supervillains

New York’s first tenement development, an entire building dedicated to being “the worst housing building in the city,” is being demolished.

The tenement is called “The Tenement.”

The tenement sits at the intersection of East Broadway and West Street.

The building itself is just under 8,000 square feet.

In fact, it is the largest tenement building in New York, surpassing the tallest buildings in the Bronx.

The developer, The Bully Building Group, claims to have built a building with “an actual purpose,” which is to be “the biggest housing building of all time.”

According to the developer, the tenement will be an indoor, two-bedroom unit, with an “extra room that’s not going to be part of the original structure,” with “a fully furnished kitchen with stainless appliances and a kitchenette.”

There will also be a “dormitory,” “small, intimate rooms,” and “small living spaces,” as well as “an entire kitchen,” with a “furnished bathroom and a full kitchenette and an apartment-sized bathroom.”

The developer says it will be a place for people to live in “the heart of Manhattan,” where there will be “frequently used communal spaces,” which “will be open to the public and open to all people.”

“The Tenements will be the biggest housing development in the City of New York.”

According the developer’s website, the project is slated to be completed by 2025.

The tenements will also include a “community garden,” and a “sustainable community center.”

According a video released by the developer on YouTube, the building will be owned by the Brooklyn Borough of New Amsterdam, with a total of about 1,000 units.