How Nike’s Tenement Shoes Became The Ultimate Footwear For The 21st Century

Tenement housing in the 1930s was a time when shoe factories made shoes for everyone.

Now, thanks to Nike, these shoes have become the ultimate footwear.

A pair of Nike tenement flats will set you back $10,000.

Nike has built its brand on building a reputation for high quality, high performance footwear.

Nike shoes are the best-selling pair in the world, and are the company’s most popular footwear brand in the United States.

Nike’s footwear is made using 100 percent natural rubber and the sole is made from a combination of natural leather and nylon.

The brand has expanded to include shoes made from other materials.

The Nike Tenement shoe features a three-dimensional carbon fiber sole, a rubberized heel, and a durable polyurethane upper.