How to Find Your New Favorite Movie and Show, in Tenement 2

You’ve never seen anything like Tenement!

The second installment of the hit MTV show returns to Netflix with a new trailer and a brand new cast, which is really refreshing!

It also stars a young and beautiful Jennifer Aniston, as the titular Tenement resident who gets her big break as the wife of a new tenant.

The two women work out their relationship with the help of their “twin” (and a mysterious old man) who’s also working for the landlord.

We also get to see a cameo from the cast of Friends, as well as a glimpse of the future of the show when it hits Netflix.

Watch the trailer for Tenement below.

The second Tenement movie is slated to arrive on Netflix on September 14, 2018.

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The series, which follows Tenement residents as they move into their new digs, is the first of the new series to premiere on Netflix.

Tenement was first announced in March 2017, and Netflix has been slowly rolling out new episodes.

Here’s a look at the new episodes that have been released so far: September 10: “The Bully’s Song” (1 hr. 3 min.)

A new story set in Tenements, featuring the first scene of a Tenement story from the first season. 

September 17: “Citizen” (2 hr. 4 min.)

The first of three Tenement episodes to debut in 2019. 

October 19: “Tenement’s New” (3 hr. 7 min.)

Another Tenement episode set in the new building, this one set in a new location. 

November 1: “Twin” and “Old Man” (4 hr. 5 min.)

An extra Tenement installment set in new buildings, this time featuring the arrival of a stranger to Tenements. 

December 4: “Hometown” (5 hr. 11 min.)

New scenes of Tenements residents and new people arriving in the old town, including a new Tenement man who’s living in a loft and a young woman who has a new boyfriend. 

February 6: “Girlfriend” (6 hr. 10 min.)

“A Tenement family reunion episode featuring a group of residents that includes a new neighbor and a new landlord. 

March 18: “New Tenement” (8 hr. 17 min.)

Tenement returns with another episode set at the New Tenement building, which we previously covered in February.

This episode is set in 2019, and stars a different Tenement character who’s been in the building for a few years. 

April 10: “‘Twin’ and ‘Old Man'” (8 hrs.

24 min.)

Two new Tenements characters who haven’t been seen in the series so far come into focus in this episode, one who’s an aspiring musician and the other who’s a stay-at-home mom.

Watch our full review of “Twina and Old Man” below. 

August 19: “Girlfriend’s Wedding” (10 hr. 16 min.)

This Tenement wedding episode focuses on the new tenant, who seems to be more comfortable in Tenents home than she is in her new family. 

June 5: “Shovels” (11 hr. 13 min.)

Shooms new apartment opens to the world, but he’s not the first one in Tenants life.

Tenents wife gets the surprise of her life when she finds out her husband is an actor. 

July 12: “Nathan’s New House” (13 hr. 2 min.)

Nathan is the son of the Tenement landlord, and is the new face of the New York area Tenement.

Watch his audition video for the role of Nathan below.