New building at Willamette Valley home will make a ‘messuages’ or a ‘tremendous contribution’ to the community

WASHINGTON — A $2 million lightfoot tenements building at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Willamett Avenue will add more than 50,000 square feet of new housing in the Willamet Valley, officials said Monday.

A public meeting is planned for Monday at the corner of Willametta Avenue and Woodlawn Road.

The public can also register to vote.

The new tenements housing will be constructed on land owned by the county of Willamsboro.

It will include apartments, townhouses, three townhouses and two single-family residences, said Jeff Haney, executive director of the county’s planning and development office.

The site was recently acquired by the City of Willamasboro for $2.4 million.

The site will include about 300 parking spaces, and about 1,000 parking spots will be dedicated for local businesses.

A new parking garage will also be constructed in the vicinity of the site.

It’s estimated that about 10,000 people live within a 15-minute walk from the site, Haney said.

The project will be built with the help of a $1.8 million state grant.

The county is responsible for all construction costs and a portion of the cost is paid for by the State Department of Housing and Urban Development.

A total of $1,600,000 has been allocated to the project.

It is expected to create more than 400 permanent jobs and about 40 permanent construction jobs.