New York apartment building opens with 2,500 units, 2,400 units of affordable housing

Tenants of the two-story tenement apartment building that opened in New York City are being offered housing with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and two kitchens.

Tenants of a two-bedroom unit at the $1.3 million property in East Flatbush are being housed in a two bedroom, two bathroom, and one kitchen unit, and a one bedroom, one bathroom and one refrigerator unit, as well as one bedroom and one pantry unit.

The building is located at the intersection of the Upper East Side and Upper Manhattan.

Tenant Ayla Zuhlman said she was excited to move into the building, which she purchased in November for $2,100 a month.

She said she would like to see more affordable housing for working families, especially those in the area of East Flatham.

“I’m a very single mother, and I’m also a single person.

So I really feel like I’m living in a city that’s not really accommodating for me.

But it’s a building with a lot of great things,” Zuhlsman said.

The building has two units, one of which is in a loft.

The other, a two unit, apartment building, was built in 2010.

It has been marketed to low-income tenants, with a sliding scale based on income.

Tenancy rates are also on the rise in New Jersey.

Tenants at the new building are being told they are being given a six month rent subsidy.

The rent subsidy is $1,300 per month.

The average rent for an apartment is $2.35 million.