When Pixies song ‘Tenement Taguig City’ makes its way to Broadway

“Tenement taguiig city” is the title of a Pixies-themed video for the song.

The video, which was posted on YouTube on March 11, shows the band members playing “Tenements” in a tiny town called Taguigs in Romania.

The song was inspired by a poem by Romanian poet and novelist, Romulo Filipe.

The Pixies’ video includes a clip of the band performing the song in the video.

It shows the group members in the small town of Taguigi, a popular tourist destination, walking along the river in a field and playing “tenement” music, a Romanian word for “tenements” that translates to “bar.”

The band, along with several local residents, posted the video to their Instagram account.

The caption reads, “Tenings is coming to Broadway.”

Pixies have released an official statement on the video:”It is with sadness that we are announcing that we will not be performing ‘Tenements’ at this year’s New York City Ballet Festival.

We are sorry for the pain this decision will cause our fans and the many people who have worked so hard to support us over the years.”

The video has garnered over 13.5 million views.