How to create a dumbbell tenements house

A house built with just the right amount of square footage will attract the attention of a builder, while a less conventional building might not.

A Brisbane couple are turning their homes into dumbbells by installing a set of tenements into a single-storey building in central Brisbane.

The pair, from Queensland’s north-west, started the project on a whim after looking for a space that was affordable and in the right place.

“We wanted to get the right size and have a home that we could live in for a long time,” said Julie Hutton.

“It was just so appealing.”

The pair bought the property on the outskirts of Brisbane’s CBD, and the project was set to take about a year.

“You can’t put a lot of money into anything unless you have some savings and that’s what we did,” Julie said.

“After we bought the house, we were in a really good position to start a family.”

The couple spent about $20,000 on the building and have since paid for renovations to the property, including replacing the original kitchen sink and putting in a shower and washing machine.

“There’s no water in the house,” Julie explained.

“The bathroom’s not water-tight, so we’re not sure what happens when the water runs out.”

But it’s a bit of a dream for a couple who are really into building their own home.

“Julie and her partner, Alex, have built three homes and built other projects in the Brisbane area.

They have also been busy designing a home for their teenage daughter who is also a builder.”

I had to get a little bit creative and we ended up having a house that’s very small, and we wanted a small amount of space,” Julie laughed.”

And the space is quite cramped so we’ve had to add some extra space to get things to fit.

“Julia and Alex started the construction of their new home, a single storey structure, on an existing property in central Queensland.

The couple said the project took about six months to complete.”

In the beginning it was just building the house out,” Julie added.”

Then we decided to get an architect, because they were looking for the right building for our project, and they wanted the same type of building.

“The duo have been working on their new house for a few weeks now, and Julie says it is going well.”

My daughter is really happy with it,” she said.