Which Dublin slums are the most haunted?

Dublin’s five-square-kilometer (three-square mile) slums, a sprawling cluster of abandoned buildings, are haunted by ghosts and spirits, with one woman’s claim that her home was once a slum, and other women recount their experiences with the ghostly presence of their past.

In the 1970s, a former tenant of the building that houses the Tenements Commission said she had seen a ghost on the balcony, and that her daughter had told her that “her father had gone mad.”

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said her father was in the habit of breaking into the building and beating people who dared to challenge him, often using a pair of scissors to make a cut into the head of a tenant.

She claimed that she was able to convince her father to leave the building, and the tenant had to leave after that, she said.

“He would just walk out and be gone for years,” she told Irish television.

Another woman said that she had once lived in a five-storey building that housed an orphanage.

When she was a young girl, she and a friend lived in the building.

Her friend’s mother had a small child and when she was pregnant, she decided to take the child to the hospital.

The woman said her friend was very ill and died from pneumonia.

The woman said she could hear voices, and her friend had told a nurse that she saw a ghost in the orphanage, who was wearing a yellow shirt.

When the woman asked her friend what the ghost was, she responded, “a lady in a yellow jacket.”

She said she also heard noises coming from the attic of the orphanages, including banging on the windows.

During the night, her friend said, she heard a woman who looked like a woman talking to herself.

One woman who lives in a building near the Slums Commission told Irish broadcaster RTE that when she lived in an apartment block that housed a local branch of the Irish Women’s Association, the ghosts of the women who lived there would come to the apartment building in the middle of the night.

RTE said that one woman who lived in this building claimed that at night she could see a woman with long hair, and she told her mother that she could not sleep at night because she was frightened.

Some residents of the slums said that they had heard voices in their apartments, and some said they were able to see ghosts in their rooms.

While there are some claims of ghosts in the slum buildings, it’s not the same as being haunted by a spirit.

A spokesperson for the Irish Department of the Environment said the buildings were still under construction and that no one was being allowed to come in to check on them.

Tenement slum inspiration

Tenement flats are often thought of as a place to live in, but in fact, they can be the perfect environment for living in.

If you’re interested in finding out why, check out the infographic below.

Tenement slumps are common in many parts of the world, and are the result of poor building conditions and neglect.

However, some of these slums are still thriving, and some even have their own community.

Here are some tenement slump inspiration articles you should know.1.

Tenement Slump: The Jungle (Picture: BBC)Tenement flats often look like an abandoned Victorian villa, with large, narrow windows and tiny, cramped living spaces.

But they’re actually a form of communal housing that’s being used by some people to live together in their spare time.

In a city like London, which is also a stronghold of the homeless community, there are also many flats that have become community spaces for the homeless.

In the jungle, however, the slums aren’t just a place for homeless people to find themselves, but also a place where the homeless have their communal space.2.

Tenements Slump (Picture via Tenement House)Tenements are the most common slums in the world.

These are the slum areas that are mostly inhabited by the homeless and people who have been living in the same place for years.

They’re also often the most dangerous.

According to a report by the British Housing Association, there were around 5,500 confirmed cases of crime per 100,000 people living in slums and encampments last year, with 3,500 of those incidents occurring in the slump areas.3.

Tenet Slump City (Picture courtesy of Tenet House)This is a community of homeless people, and it’s one of the most violent places in the UK.

According the Home Office, in 2012, there was one confirmed death from violence per 100 million people living there.4.

Tene’s Slump Urban Jungle (Video courtesy of UK Urban Jungle)Tene’s is one of Britain’s most popular slum neighbourhoods, and the Jungle has been known to house up to 30,000 homeless people.

The Jungle is also the home of a local charity called the Homeless Justice Foundation, which offers services for homeless youth and people with disabilities.5.

Tenen’s Slum (Picture by the Tenen House website)Tenen’s is the oldest slum in London, and houses up to 3,000 residents.

It’s also one of London’s most dangerous slums.

According a report from the BBC, in 2013, there have been at least two cases of death and serious injury from violence committed in the Jungle.6.

Tenes Slum Urban Jungle and Tenes Jungle City (Photo by Tenet Home)Tenes Slump is one part of the tenement block that is also known as Tenes.

In 2010, Tenes’ slums became the scene of a major police operation, and over the years, residents have built a new neighbourhood called Tenes, where they live with others who have left the old block.

It became a destination for the Homeless Prevention Trust, who offer counselling and other support services for people living on the streets.7.

Teni’s Slums Urban Jungle City and Teni Street Urban JungleCity are two separate slums that are also home to different homeless people and communities.

In 2011, Teni was the scene, and in 2013 there were reports of an increase in violent crime.8.

Tenis Slump in the ’70s (Photo via Teni House)It may be tough to find a place that’s safe for you to live, but it can be even tougher to find your own.

Tenin’s is where you will find a number of homeless children, some who have experienced homelessness.

It is also home for the Black Community House, which provides support services to people living with mental health issues.9.

Tenies Slump of the 1980s (Picture Courtesy of Teni Home)In the early ’80s, the Teni slums were a place of refuge for young people from the ’60s and ’70ies.

Today, it is the heart of London, where the Homeless Recovery Trust runs a centre where children can find a safe place to stay.10.

Tenys Slump and Tenys Street Urban Slums (Photo courtesy of London Homeless Shelter)The ’70 and ’80 years were a time of hope for many, and for many people, Tenys is the place they went to when they needed support.

Today it is also one that houses the homeless, but there are many different ways to get there, including walking or bike riding.

It also houses many people who were homeless when Tenies was the slumping block.11.

Ten-tens Slum City (Video by Tenent House)One of the oldest parts of London is the Slump, which stretches from the Thames to the River Thames.

Located on the