Tenement Housing Glasgow: ‘We have to be prepared to move fast’

Glas, near Glasgow, was built in the late 1800s and remains a key part of Glasgow’s history.

The city’s housing stock has been falling steadily for decades.

The Glasgow Housing Trust estimates that the area will be in emergency measures by the end of the year.

A recent report by Glasgow City Council, the UK’s largest housing agency, suggested that one in five homes in the city could be on the market for the first time in two decades.

Gladstone, the council’s housing specialist, said that there was an “urgent need” for a new site.

“Gladston is a working-class neighbourhood and it is a particularly hard-hit area,” he said.

It has become “a major target for regeneration”, he said, adding that it was a “critical area of the city”.

The report noted that “over-capacity in Gladstone has led to the rapid loss of the number of homes and properties in the district, which is at risk of being abandoned and taken over by developers”.

It added: “The report calls for a significant increase in the number and quality of housing for those people who are currently living in Gladston.”

The need is urgent to preserve the character and character of the area for future generations.

“Glasgow Council said that the council would provide a $150,000 grant to developers to build 1,000 affordable homes.

Its plans were due to be discussed by the council at a special meeting in September.

Gladwell was also one of the earliest areas of the Scottish city to be designated a “community reserve” in 2005.

There are now over 8,000 residents in the neighbourhood, with some families living on the site for years.

However, it has been hit by the effects of the financial crisis, with its population falling by more than 60 per cent since 2000.

According to the local government’s planning application, the site “is currently experiencing a significant decrease in the demand for housing and will need to be redeveloped to ensure a safe and secure future for those living in this area”.

The site was the subject of a report commissioned by the Scottish Government last year, which recommended that a community reserve could be created to provide homes to the area.

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We are very keen to see a community site, but we need to work together with the developers to ensure this happens,” he added.

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