Tenement Museum History – A Tale of Two Citys

The Tenement Building Museum in Old Town is the largest in India.

It was established in 1929, and has a museum, a gallery, a museum of cultural activities, a children’s centre and an art gallery.

The building was also used as a school.

The Tenement building museum in Oldtown was opened by the State Government in 2019.

The museum includes exhibits on the construction of the tenement and the building from 1781 to 1901.

The museum’s curator, Vijay Kumar, said that he had spent a lot of time looking at the history of the building and its history in the past.

“When we were young, I had to go through the building in the evening.

I wanted to know more about it.

This is the place to do that,” he said.

Kumar said the museum has a very rich history.

“The building was built around 1781.

It has been in use since then.

It is a very special building.

It contains some of the finest architectural details and materials from the period,” he added.

The building is one of the oldest buildings in India and is also home to a school and other institutions, said Kumar.

The first Tenement Buildings Museum in Delhi was opened in 2001.

Its exhibitions include photographs, photographs of the construction and drawings of the buildings, he added, adding that the building had a lot more history.

The buildings were constructed between 1781 and 1901.

“It was not built as a shelter.

The roof was constructed on a large scale and the roof was made of stone and iron,” said Kumar, adding the building is also known as the ‘Queen Anne’ because it was built as an ‘apartment building’ and housed around 300 families.

The main building is located at the corner of Rameshwaran Street and Surya Road, where it was known as a hotel and it has been part of the development for the past two decades.

The project was undertaken by the City of Delhi Development Corporation, the Delhi Development Authority, the Department of Urban Development, Department of Public Works, Public Works Department and other departments.