What to expect from Nike’s next model

Nike has unveiled its new Tenement Shoes, a sleek, low-profile shoe that has the ability to be worn over a pair of jeans or over a T-shirt.

The sneakers will be released at retail in October.

The shoes feature a pair with a woven mesh upper that can be worn with jeans or a T shirt.

“Nike is committed to supporting women in their pursuit for the ideal form of footwear, and we’ve made this a key part of our mission,” said NPD Group chief executive John Browne.

“This new Tenements shoe is the next step in our commitment to change the world.”

Nike unveiled the Tenements in June at the 2016 Nike+ Women’s Summit in Chicago.

Nike also released the first pair of Nike Tenements during the Women’s Global Summit in October 2016.

The Nike Tenement was the first shoe to include the new Nike+ app, which offers a new way to get connected to your favorite brands, retailers, and other Nike+ partners.