What you need to know about the Tenement Museum in New Delhi

New Delhi: The new Tenement museum, which opened in the Indian capital on Saturday, is a showcase for a long history of the construction of the city’s first tenement.

The structure, which was built in the early 1900s and completed in 1908, has been called the “most important structure of Indian architecture”.

Built by a team of architects and architects, including former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, the structure was completed with the help of local contractors, according to the website of the Indian Council of Historical Research.

“It is an amazing building and one of the most beautiful structures in India,” the website said.

“Tenement Museum was constructed by the Tata Group of Companies and it is one of its greatest achievements,” it added.

The museum was inaugurated in May and the new exhibition “India in the 21st Century” is being presented by the director-general of Tata Sons.

The exhibition will feature a selection of works from the museum.

It has also unveiled plans for a series of exhibitions in the future, which will highlight the history of India.