When a house was burned to the ground, there was only one thing to do

WASHINGTON — A house that was burned down to the floor has been reborn in a new, smaller building, as the owners have found a new tenant.

Dundee Tenements, a local nonprofit, had purchased the house in 2008 for $1.6 million.

It was in need of repairs and had been vacant for years.

Its new owners are hoping to restore it to its former glory.

The building had been slated to be torn down and replaced with a mixed-use building with apartments, retail and a hotel.

But the owners found a tenant who could handle the work, said Jim Mihm, the building’s founder and owner.

“We were lucky to have a tenant, who was willing to work with us and we couldn’t have done it without them,” he said.

Mihm said the owners were trying to find a tenant to renovate the old house and found a man named Scott H. who has lived in the house for years, with his wife, Mary Ann.

The couple decided to try and turn the old building into a hotel, Mihlm said.

They bought a building next door, which has a parking lot and a restaurant and the new owners hoped to bring that to Dundee.

Him and his wife opened Dunde Tenements in January.

Their goal is to help people in need in Dundees old neighborhood, said Mihk, who also is Dundeen’s fire marshal.

Himm and Mary Ann were both in town for the funeral of a friend, and they were happy to be in Duindee when the fire broke out.

They were able to stay in their home for several days and take care of the needs of the family.

Dundees former owner, John P. Johnson, said Dundeed was a great community. “

We had to take the house out of the house.”

Dundees former owner, John P. Johnson, said Dundeed was a great community.

Johnson said his family and friends came from all over the world to live and work here.

Johnson added that Dundea was also the first town he has been to that was built on a landfill.

Johnson said Duondee was a community of people who had come together to rebuild and rebuild.

Duondee had been a community that was run by its residents, Johnson said.

It wasn’t a city.

Johnson and Mihmuns family hope that Duondees old residents can come together again to build a new community and get back to being Dundbee residents again.